Veda Ela – Restorative yoga & Yoga Nidra workshop

Veda ElaRestorative yoga & Yoga Nidra (live online) workshop 26 September 2021 15:00-17:00

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I am happy to present to you Veda Ela, who is my yoga teacher for years now. I learned so much from her and now you can experience her inspirational teachings as well! In the last couple of years, I joined and completed Veda Ela’s Restorative yoga teacher training. With a live stream connection from her home in the jungle of Costa Rica, Veda Ela will bring her profound and enjoyable teachings to us.

International yoga teacher Veda Ela, has decades of experience in supporting people to find more comfort, clarity and fun on the mat and in their lives. She travels the world when possible and shares workshops and yoga teacher trainings. For more information about Veda Ela, her work and information about the teacher training, visit

Video: watch a 20-minute video interview where Veda Ela talks about her work and the workshops at Yoga Globe. Click here.

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Workshop 1 (live online): Restorative & Yoga Nidra with Veda Ela (

Sunday 26 September 2021, 15:00-17:00 (in English)Live online at home or in studio Yoga Globe on screen.

This relaxing restorative Restorative yoga session ends with a lovely Yoga Nidra (or yogi “sleep”), where you will be taken on an inner journey by Veda Ela while lying in “savasana” or lying position. Yoga Nidra is not only relaxing and helps you to fall asleep. When used with an intention, it becomes a powerful exercise that can help us change many aspects of our lives.

Contribution: € 30.

Register in Momoyoga. Activate your account, buy the workshop(s) and book the workshop(s) in the schedule (lessen). Send an e-mail when you need help. Free cancellation up to 24 hours in advance.

At home or in studio You can follow the workshop live online through Zoom at home, the videolink will be open for a week if you would like to watch it later. Or you have the option to come together to the studio. We will gather in the Yoga Globe studio with Veda Ela on livestream. Send an e-mail if you would like to join. Maximum 11 persons.

In the studio: Preferably bring your own yoga mat, large towel (and /or) blanket, a scarf or eye pillow. Bolsters and yoga blocks are available, or bring your own.

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Workshop 2 (recorded video) : Restorative & Yin yoga with Veda Ela (

Early June 2021 we could enjoy Veda Ela’s online workshop “Restorative yoga & Yin yoga”. If you are interested to purchase this workshop (YouTube video, € 30,-), please send an e-mail to The link to the video will be available for you for a week.

In this online workshop you will experience both Restorative and Yin yoga. Veda Ela will explain the theory, practice, and the differences between these yoga forms. While both are Yin yoga styles that benefit the nervous system and bring rest and relaxation, they still differ in many aspects, including the results of both forms. There is a different effect both physically and mentally.